Would you join a Discord server for Nengo users?

Hello everyone, I am planning to set up a Discord server for us Nengo users (in fact for anyone who’s interested in spiking networks).

We are all from different parts of the world with interests/expertise in different fields like neuromorphic computing, computational neuroscience etc., and an easy medium to share knowledge would be great! I was wondering if folks here would be interested in meeting virtually on Zoom regularly and talk about their research work, present interesting papers, do a round table discussion etc.? - similar to a lab meeting / paper reading club. Folks experienced in NxSDK, Lava, NengoDL, etc. could also conduct basic tutorials to help others start.

For this, I can create a channel on the server where we can all vote for a mutually convenient time and day of the week to meet regularly, as well as discuss and decide on the workflows for the Zoom meeting. I know many of us would be in different time zones, but the idea is to make the most of whatever’s available to us. ABR i.e. the moderators of this Nengo forum also can help in setting up the server. If so, we can have varied use cases of the server. If interested, please upvote/thumbs-up this post; that way we can have the count of interested folks, as well as comment on this post with your suggestions for the Discord server (if any).

I am looking forward to start the operations in the coming January.

Happy holidays!!