General Discussion

Ask general questions about Nengo, let us know how you're using it, and introduce yourself.

Examples & Tutorials

Example models and in-depth tutorials.

Getting Started

Post here for help with installing Nengo, using the GUI, and building your first model.

Semantic Pointer Architecture

Discuss the Semantic Pointer Architecture and models that use the SPA.


Discuss ways to integrate Nengo with software (e.g. Neuron, V-REP) and hardware (e.g. spiking cameras, robots).

Deep Learning

Discuss deep learning techniques and how to incorporate them in Nengo.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Feedback & Suggestions

Is there something we can do to improve Nengo? We welcome all feedback and suggestions!


Get help installing, running, developing, and benchmarking Nengo backends.


Share your Nengo creation, whether it's a neuron type, network, model, backend, or anything else!


Discuss the Nengo GUI and other ways to visualize network structure, network activity, dynamics, and more!

High performance computing

Discuss using Nengo in high performance computing environments.