Working with Connections/ProbLog

Hello all!

I’m rather new to using Nengo, and I was hoping someone could give me some advice.

Is there a way to connect Nodes or Ensembles to spa objects (such as State, BasalGanglia, etc) in the gui? I’m not having any luck so far.

I’m also trying to get Nengo and ProbLog to work to together, such as funneling some output into a ProbLog model and then back out into the Nengo network. So far I can only use ProbLog’s output as initial Node inputs.


Welcome to the forum @dmiller!

To connect a Node or Ensemble to a SPA object, you have to access the input/output nodes of the SPA object. For example,

D = 32
ens = nengo.Ensemble(100, 32)
state = nengo.State(32)
nengo.Connection(ens, state.input)

For wrapping a complicated interface in a class, I would recommend looking at the Delay Node example and the Counter example. Both of them show how to get a system to react through a function input in a node, but also while executing more complicated code each time step. Please let me know if you need further guidance beyond these examples! I’m not trying to dismiss you. Just wanted to establish a common ground of understanding before going deeper.