What is equivalent probe in Nengo for Value in nengo GUI?


In Nengo gui there is an option to see Values of ensemble as show in the figure below:

I would like to plot Value using matplotlib. So, my question is what is the equivalent probe for Value in nengo?

I tried ‘decoded_output’, ‘input’ and ‘scaled_encoders’ which are probeable for nengo.Ensemble. None of them are giving me the results similar to the figure above.

Thank you for your time

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What you want is “decoded_output” (which is also the default probed attribute if you do e.g. nengo.Probe(ens)). One thing to note is that NengoGUI applies a filter to outputs that you plot (this is configurable through the settings). To make it look the same in Nengo, you’ll need to apply the same filter. For example, if your filter in NengoGUI has a time constant of 0.03, you’ll need to do nengo.Probe(ens, synapse=0.03).