Visual pathway simulation

hello every one,
Is there any way to simulate the visual Pathways in Nengo?
I have to create a “Brain image” first in Nengo.

Hi @kaabi, and welcome the the Nengo forums! :smiley:

On the surface, yes, Nengo is designed as a general-purpose tool to simulate neural networks, of which you can classify the visual pathway as one. In fact, we’ve used Nengo to simulate visual pathways before, such as the vision system within Spaun (the world’s largest functional brain model). Examples of simple vision systems are also available as examples on our various Nengo documentation pages.

However, it can be argued that these examples are not the “visual pathway” (found in the brain), because it doesn’t have all of the capabilities that the human visual system. However, even then, if there is a hypothesis on the mathematical functions that constitute the visual pathway, these functions can be implemented, simulated and tested in Nengo (i.e., Nengo would still be able to simulate the visual pathway). The exact nature of the human visual pathway is still an open research question though.

I’m not sure what you mean by this question. Can you elaborate on your request? Are you meaning to understand how concepts (e.g., colours, shapes, etc.) can be represented in Nengo?

thank all, I want to make a project “visual pathway simulation”, is Nengo is a proper simulator to do so. if not, please refer me to proper simulator

I mean that I want to simulate the visual pathways, but I don’t know how to start. if you know please refer me.

thank you so much, please then what can I do to make my project?

Your goal of making a “visual pathway simulation” is a rather vague description of a project. In general, simulating the human visual pathway is an open research problem, and to my knowledge, no one has assembled a comprehensive model of the entire visual pathway yet. In order to move forward with your project, I’d recommend approaching someone with knowledge of the neural network you are attempting to replicate, to get further insight as to what exactly you are trying to model or build.

With regards to whether Nengo is the simulator for you, it really depends on what your project is trying to achieve. Nengo is designed as a general purpose neural network simulator, so if you are looking for an easy-to-learn neural network simulator, then Nengo will probably work for you. If you are looking for something with more biological detail (i.e., simulating ion channels and etc.) Nengo is probably not the tool you are looking for, and may want to instead look at Neuron or Brian.

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Thank you sir you are a great person