Videos explaining the 3 Principles of the NEF

When I’m trying to explain Nengo to people, I typically link to one of the following:

  1. If they want a high-level overview, I share Chris’ TED talk
  2. If they’re interested in neuromorphic hardware, I link to my slightly outdated blog post, but should probably start sharing Chris’ AI Hardware Summit talk.
  3. If they’re Machine-Learning people, I share the Legendre Memory Units video

What is the current best video for explaining the three principles of the NEF and how they support the Semantic Pointer Architecture?

Terry’s old lecture notes are somewhat helpful as an interactive in-depth example, but skip over the derivation of some of the principles. Years ago, I tried to record the Summer School lectures, but failed to follow-up and edit/release them. Has anyone recorded lectures on this topic recently?

Hey Sean,

Unfortunately we don’t have any more recent videos explaining the NEF principles. However, in lui of hosting the summer school this year in person, we’ll be making some videos. They’ll be posted on YouTube sometime in the coming months.



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Hi Sean,

while not videos, my SYDE 556 lecture notes may be helpful.


Hi @Seanny123,

Chris and Terry just finished putting together a series of videos to fill in for the summer school lectures this year. You can find them here


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