Using Nengo_GUI with recorded spike probe data

I’m trying to replay saved probed data within nengo_gui. For vector information, and SPA information, i can accomplish this by connecting a node to a direct mode ensemble / SPA state module.

Spike data is a little more tricky though. I can’t directly connect the probed data to a nengo ensemble. Ideas?
(I have considered using an HTMLNode, but then you’d loose the axis and things that are built into the nengo_gui spike graph)

You definitely should make a feature request for this on GitHub.

Or alternatively, I could help you go through the source code to hack together a component with you.

Hmm. I’ll make a feature request for general playback of saved probed data. In the mean time, feel free to hack a component together. The reason for this post was to get ideas of how to do it “officially”.