Training SNN by STDP

Hi all,
I’m a SNN beginner.
I’m starting to study and use the Nengo simulator
I try to use STDP learning rule to training my network
But I only can found the BCM and Oja learning part at Nengo
But I can’t found the STDP learning rule at the website
Is there any way to use STDP learning rule?
Or any complete network structure example code can let me get started quickly?


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I am working on the same thing, i don’t think there is anything ready to be used but after i did a few search, i found that the BCM rule use the pre post synaptic info and is an Unsupervised method, so as a start for now i am going trough the BCM implementation and trying to inspire from it and add a new rule for the STDP. hopefully other experienced members can confirm the approach.

Many thanks
I have few question,
When you are trying to do Unsupervised learning, how do you judge your results?
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For me i switched to Nengo recently but in my old simulator that i use, i record all the spikes at the last layer for every input (digit in MNIST for example) and assign class to each neuron based on the max number of spikes, and the other spikes in the other classes are considered as loss. Sum all the losses and i get the global loss value.

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May i ask which simulator did you use?


N2S3 based on Scala and Akka actors for message exchange, in Nengo probably things are different so i still need to get used to it :smile:

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