Tower of Hanoi Task nengo

I have been reading your team’s paper about the Hanoi Tower Task recently. Because I am interested in Nengo, but I am not familiar with it. Is there any code for the Nengo?Thank you very much!

Hi @mingchenliu

As far as I know, there is, unfortunately, no working code compatible with the latest release of Nengo. As for code that works in past versions of Nengo, the best person to approach would be the author of the paper, @tcstewar (Terry Stewart). He may still have the code floating around somewhere.

Doing a quick search of the Nengo forums as well, I did find a similar post, and @Seanny123 has a Github repository with code that could serve as a starting point for reimplementing the Tower of Hanoi model in the latest version of Nengo. As Sean acknowledges though, the code in his Github repository is non-functional.