Theory category

It’s been suggested that we add a Theory category to this forum, for discussion of the theory behind Nengo. The HTM forum also has a theory section, which is pretty busy.

For Nengo, theory mostly refers to the NEF, but also to SPA. Right now we have a SPA category, but there hasn’t been much activity there. We don’t currently have an NEF category, but we could create one. Or we could make a theory category that deals with both NEF and SPA stuff. So, I think there are three possible courses of action; if you have a preference, then please vote in the poll below! Feel free to add comments if you want to sway the vote one way or another.

  • Create a Theory category, remove the SPA category
  • Create a Theory category, keep the SPA category
  • Create a Neural Engineering Framework category, keep the SPA category

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THEORY may mean NEF & SPA & in general other stuff like brain-theory, HTM, NN, Deep NN theory, RL etc … !!