Symbolic production systems or something?

I can see that you guys produced alot of papers … I’m barely scratching the surface yet on top of that they overlap somewhat. Not complaining at all :slight_smile:

In many places when you talk about SP you provide examples of structure composition (which I’m also exploring), but very little about the next step of building the framework of working system.

The closest so far I could find is the paper “Building Production Systems with Realistic Spiking Neurons” by Terry Stewart and Chris Eliasmith. It mentions ACT-R system, which I’m currently researching.

What would be a good resource for making those IF-THEN rules do some work, especially ones with concrete examples. I want to get more insight on how to create and program such system, from what it seems it is totally new paradigm compared to procedural, functional and logic programing.

To get an idea of how we make IF-THEN rules work using SPA with the basal ganglia and thalamus, I would recommend installing the Nengo GUI and:

Let us know if you have any questions while going through these examples! :smiley:

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