SPA Vocab Max Similarity Warning


I’m getting a series of warnings all stating in a similar mannar:

UserWarning: Could not create a semantic pointer with max_similarity=0.10 (D=32, M=89, similarity=0.32)

After looking a bit into it, I’ve come to think that it is having trouble creating a semantic pointer that is ideally orthogonal when forming the vocabulary. Can anyone provide an insight of what this means and how to alleviate the warning?


There are two ways to alleviate the warning. If you just want to make the warning go away, you can increase the similarity threshold (by passing a larger max_similarity value to the vocab). If you actually want to reduce the similarity between the vectors in your vocabulary, then you need to increase the dimensionality of your model (e.g. change 32 to 64). The size of the representational space increases the larger you make the dimensionality, allowing you to fit in more vocabulary vectors without exceeding a given similarity.