SNN for classification


Hi! I’ve read about handwritten digit classification using the SNN, but I’d like to know if it is possible to have some other examples of the SNN use in classification task. In particular, I have a data set composed of 8 features (different criteria to distinguish the signals) and labels (that indicate the class of each signal), so I’d like to train the SNN in order to classify new signals (of the Test Set).
Thank you in advance!


The same ideas as in this example should work, you’ll just need to modify the input data (load the inputs and targets for your task, instead of the MNIST dataset). For example, in this example we’re also using NengoDL to train a model, but with a different data set. If you have a specific issue you’re running in to when attempting that I might be able to provide more specific help, but it’s hard to say in general!