Running my custom neuron model with nengo_ocl

Hi ,
I have just installed nengo_ocl , and I was trying to run a a network of custom neurons I made with name (AFRN).
Then I got some error : " ‘Simulator’ object has no attribute ‘plan_SimAFRN’ ".
Am I doing something wrong? How to fix this?
Note that I added the neuron as a module in the same file of the network code only but didn’t add to the library.
Thanks in advance

Hi Omar,

Unfortunately nengo_ocl doesn’t know how to deal with custom neuron types. Currently, we manually specify an OpenCL kernel for all the parts of a Nengo simulation. For example, this pull request shows what we needed to add in order to get the Sigmoid and RectifiedLinear neuron classes working in nengo_ocl. You could do something similar for your neuron type if you know how to write OpenCL kernels.

There is a system for automatically translating Python code to OpenCL (see, but it’s limited in what it can convert, and we currently only use it for nodes. It could be possible to use it for custom neuron types as well; @Eric would be the person to talk to about that!

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Thanks for your reply,
I would be grateful if it is possible to provde an example of how to use as I have no idea how to specify an OpenCL kernel.

Can you post your neuron code? might work; it’s going to depend a lot on what exactly is happening in your neuron function.

But I think the easier route would be to just write the code yourself. You don’t actually have to write the whole kernel. You just have to write C code that does the computation for one neuron, and then I have code to vectorize it for many neurons. (See nengo_ocl.clra_nonlinearities.plan_rectified_linear for a simple example, and nengo_ocl.clra_nonlinearities.plan_lif for a more complicated one.)

Hi @Eric ,
Thanks for your concern
Here is my neuron code

import numpy as np
import nengo
from nengo.builder import Builder
from nengo.builder import Operator
from nengo.params import NumberParam
class AFRN(nengo.neurons.NeuronType):  # Neuron types must subclass `nengo.Neurons`
    """A rectified linear neuron model."""
    omega = NumberParam('omega', low=-0.0, low_open=False)
    g = NumberParam('g', low=0, low_open=True)
    thre = NumberParam('thre', low=0, low_open=True)
    def __init__ (self,omega=1.0,g=0.9,thre=0.4):
        super(AFRN, self).__init__() = omega
        self.g = g
        self.thre = thre 
    def _argreprs(self):
        args = []
        if != 0.0:
            args.append("omega=%s" %
        if self.g != 0.9:
            args.append("g=%s" % self.g)
        if self.thre != 0.4:
            args.append("thre=%s" % self.thre)
        return args    
    def gain_bias(self, max_rates, intercepts):
        """Return gain and bias given maximum firing rate and x-intercept."""
        gain = np.ones_like(max_rates)
        bias = np.zeros_like(max_rates)
        self.gain = gain        
        self.bias = bias
        return gain, bias
    def rates(self, x, gain, bias):
        """Always use LIFRate to determine rates."""
        J =  x 
        out = np.zeros_like(J)      
        AFRN.step_math(self, dt=0.2, J=J, output=out)
        return out
    def step_math(self, dt, J, output):
        omega =
        g = self.g
        thre = self.thre             
        x = J
        if x.shape[0] == len(self.gain):
            for i in range(0,len(x)):
                si = np.tanh(g*(x[i]+omega*output[i]))
                if si > thre:
                elif si < thre:
            output[...] = si_out
            output[...] = x
class SimAFRN(Operator):
    def __init__(self, neurons, J, output, states=None, tag=None):
        super(SimAFRN, self).__init__(tag=tag)
        self.neurons = neurons
        self.J = J
        self.output = output
        self.states = [] if states is None else states
        self.sets = [output]
        self.incs = []
        self.reads = [J]
        self.updates = []
    def _descstr(self):
        return '%s, %s, %s' % (self.neurons, self.J, self.output)
    def make_step(self, signals, dt, rng):
        J = signals[self.J]
        output = signals[self.output]
        def step_simafrn():
            self.neurons.step_math(dt, J, output)
        return step_simafrn
def build_afrn(model, neuron_type, neurons):
        output=model.sig[neurons]['out'], J=model.sig[neurons]['in'],neurons=neuron_type))

The neuron function part is :

for i in range(0,len(x)):
si = np.tanh(g*(x[i]+omega*output[i]))
if si > thre:
elif si < thre:

Which is built upon G.Edelman’s work:

I tried to put the function without the part:

output[…] = x

but I got dimensional error, that why I added this part for the first run (I hope it does not affect the accuracy of solution)

I hope my explanation was clear enough…

I tried to do as explained in the example. I modified and But when I try to run still gives the same error as before:

AttributeError: ‘Simulator’ object has no attribute 'plan_SimAFRN’
Any suggestions??