Right click doesn't work on MacOS

Hi to everyone,

I’ve just seen nengo. I am completely new on Nengo and I hope that someone else previously had the same issue. Then I can find an answer for this.

I got stucked at the begining of this thing. I just tried to right click on the neuron to generate a spike plot. However the right click is not usable on the gui. I just tried many times to right click and every single time a popup comes up which shows up some options including value, spikes, voltages, firing pattern and details… for less than a second, then it immediately disappears. if I press and hold the right click it doesnt disappear but I can not move my cursor in this way. When I move the cursor, it again disappears.

I use macOS and python 3.9.18 if it matters.

If anyone can help me on this I would be appreciated