Research paper on MaxPooling in SNNs

Hello everyone!

I am happy to inform that my paper on designing spiking equivalents of the MaxPooling operation in SNNs has been accepted at IJCNN 2022. A few methods were proposed for MaxPooling in SNNs earlier, but none of them were evaluated on Loihi - in the context of MaxPooling. The linked paper presents two Loihi-friendly approaches for MaxPooling in SNNs.

I have also written an article/tutorial presenting the crux of my paper. Please feel free to go through it, before diving into the paper. In case some of you would be interested in listening to the talk where I would explain my spiking-MaxPooling methods, please like/thumbs-up this post - so that I can get a count.

Special thanks to @xchoo and @Eric for helping me out with many implementation specific details to deploy my SNNs on Loihi. Thank you once again!

Edit: I forgot :smile:, please feel free to post your questions here too! I will be happy to respond them.