Project Suggestions

Hello everyone,
I will be graduating next year with a master degree in computer engineering. For my final year project, I am really interested to work on neuromorphic computing and SNNs. However, the field in huge and interdisciplinary and I am really confused on what to work on exactly. I would really appreciate any suggestions or proposal for graduation projects in neuromorphic computing using Nengo.

Hello! I’m glad you’re interested in this direction! And very good question as to how to start – it’s a very chaotic and interdisciplinary field.

To make it more chaotic and interdisciplinary, one place that you could start for looking for ideas is the videos that are coming out of the Telluride Neuromorphic Cognition Engineering Workshop that’s just coming to an end for this year. We have a livestream that’s active from 11am-1pm Eastern time up until Friday this week, but there’s recordings of the previous sessions (it’s a 3-week workshop) Telluride 2021 - Live stream There’s tons of interesting possibilities for projects there.

In addition to that, you might also check out Issues · ctn-waterloo/modelling_ideas · GitHub which is a collection of possible projects that have come up over the years.

So hopefully those might get you started to at least figure out what sort of thing you want to do. If any of those possibilities jump out as being of particular interest, or fit well with what you’d like to be doing, then that can be a good starting point! :slight_smile: