Problems running Nengo 2.0 Gui

Hi all, I’m new to this and having some problems. I’ve loaded Anaconda and the Nengo_Gui. I can look in directory The tutorials from “How to Build a Brain” in Nengo 2.0, copy the source script for a chapter example, and paste it in the Nengo_Gui (upper right pane). If I click the ‘sync with editor’ button, the diagram in the left pane changes (so, the gui recognizes the code). When I click the ‘run’ arrow, it tells me that it has compiled in 0.00 seconds. The time window progresses, but I’m not sure it’s doing anything. After I stop it, I try to export the plot to a csv file, but nothing happens. Any suggestions most welcome. Larry

Oh dear. That’s not supposed to happen.

Are you using Chrome? Also, do you create any plots before running the code?

P.S. We’re working really hard to re-write the GUI to make it less buggy.