Problem w/ tutorial

Hey folks. When I try to load the above [subject] file from hbb_tutorials/chapter7, I get a ValidationError at line 72: “Must be an integer; got 300.0”. When I cast ‘300/vsize’ as integer, it works.

Just so ya know.

Actually, it looks like that file may be unfinished. There is a reference to a chart in the bottom right showing “the response of the cleanup population”, but no such chart.

Thanks for the bug report! When this example was written, I think most of us were still on Python 2.7, in which division always gives an integer. Looks like we didn’t test this example with Python 3, in which division always results in a float. I’ll get this fixed today.

The example is finished; the chart at the bottom right doesn’t show up due to the error running the script. Once you cast the value to an integer, the chart should appear; if not, try reloading the page and it should appear.