Place-Coding and One-Spike behavior with Nengo

In some articles there are SNN models using 1D N size Place-Code populations (rather than Rate-Coding).

These 1D populations can represent numerical input and output values by linear mapping of intervals. Every neuron in a population represents a numerical value ranging within the input limits i.e., values within the range [-lim, lim] are mapped to a single spiking neuron with index [0, N-1] in the 1D population.

Also, in these models there is a One-Spike behavior in order to synchronize the computation in time steps. Meaning, only one neuron in each population fires at any time-step.

My experience with Nengo is pretty basic. Any explanation on how Place-Coding and One-Spike behavior can be implemented with Nengo would be much appreciated. A working example or tutorial would be excellent.

Thanks in advance!