Pipline and buffer and TAT

Hello All

how implement pipeline , buffer , tag action table(TAT) , Address-Event Representation Receiver and Transmitter (AER:RX,AER:TX) in nengo ?!!

Nengo is a tool for creating and simulating neural networks, including spiking neural networks. The main abstractions for Nengo are things like ensembles of neurons, connection between neurons, current injections into neurons, and so on.

What you’re asking about is at a much lower level of abstraction. Pipelines, buffers, etc are underlying implementation details for how the main abstractions of Nengo might be implemented by a piece of hardware. Nengo does not provide any help for either accessing or emulating those deep hardware specifics. Some Nengo backends might deal with those things, but they do so using normal programming tools (Python and C data structures and algorithms, as appropriate).