Paper.....The Semantic Pointer Theory of Emotion:........?

Does anyone have or know where to get the paper The Semantic Pointer Theory of Emotion: Integrating Physiology, Appraisal and Construction. The nengo spa spa application for emotions at was supposed to have been taken from it…and I can’t find the paper on the web.

Also this seems to include aspects of ACT-R, although it’s not referenced, so it may diverge from a purely neural
rendition. I was hoping the paper would go into that.

Emotions as semantic pointers;constructive neural mechanisms. Paul Thagard and Tobias Schröder University of Waterloo, Draft 6, March 2013
I’m intersted in the outcome model:wink::

I wasn’t sure what “wink” implied but got your email. I had posted a similar request about POEM but haven’t gotten a response yet. I also emailed the author of a POEM application posted on github but haven’t heard back. The web address to that python app is … Apparently ACT-R and EPA are used in the app. I’d guess because the brain regions active in emotions are not in the nengo API


I went to the forum and saw your email was a response to my post. I read the Thagard paper some time ago and though it go me interested in nengo as a means of creating emotions, I don’t think nengo is ready for it. . I don’t know how to implement it as nengo only covers basal ganglia and thalamus as far as I know. The paper referenced at the github site I referenced previously is what I’m interested in but can’t find it on the web. As I mentioned it also implements EPA and ACT-R so nengo may not be ready by itself. I’d just like a confirmation.

I think POEM and the article references I sent you, are the same.

The best probably could be to ask it to Prof. Tobias Schröder himself, (,

Thks for the info,


I did that and got the paper. Thanks much for your input.