Not starting constructing a large scale model on Nengo_GUI

Excuse me. I have a question about Nengo GUI.

I entered a relatively large model on the GUI that is not in the tutorial.
Model is not loaded on left screen.
File cannot be saved. I click file-save button, but it gets red and a file cannot be saved.
Although I click run-button, model is not running.

Is it due to bad specs of my computer? In fact, my computer’s specifications are bad.
However, on IDE(Integrated development environment) of python, I can run the model.

There are some specifications in a computer, for example, memory, CPU, HD, and so on.
Do you know which spec is bad?
Or what is caused my model not to run?

If you can run the model outside of the Nengo GUI, it’s probably a Nengo GUI problem. What error are you getting? Errors are sometimes displayed in the on-screen console or the web-console (which you can view by hitting Ctrl+J).

I can run the model outside of the Nengo GUI, so there is no error.

Of course, in the Nengo GUI, I remove prove function and simulation function, which are needed outside GUI.

Yep, it’s definitely a Nengo GUI problem then. If you’d like to help us track down the bug, you could share the code that’s causing the error. Alternatively, if you really want to help us, you could isolate the part of your code that’s causing the error.

It is different from the original question, but since I got errors if I was using GUI, I would like to ask you a question.
Two errors occurred.
First one is :

and second is:

Either the first error or the second error is occured.
Do you know what caused these errors?

It’s hard to tell what’s caused these errors from the context you’ve given me. Instead of pasting screenshots, could you please paste both the errors and code? Also, it would be helpful if you then formatted them by clicking the “preformated text option” in the post editor.

If I had to guess, in the first error, you’ve started a simulator in the GUI, which you’re not supposed to do. In the second error, there’s something wrong with you cortical_actions object.