New student starting out

Hello everyone, I would like to ask if there are any suitable resources (such as textbooks, programming libraries) I could view through before starting work with Nengo.

I am very interested in neural coding and appreciate any form of help provided on this platform.

Thanks again!

Hello! The “How to build a brain” book is the best textbook for learning Nengo. It has a mixture of explanations on theory and practical examples showing how to build different networks in Nengo. Note that the book came out a few years ago so some of the code examples are out of date, but you can find updated versions of all the examples inside the nengo gui. Start up the gui (by typing nengo), then click on the folder icon in the top left, then built-in examples, then hbb_tutorials.

You can also find the course notes for a course that introduces students to Nengo and the NEF here

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Thank you very much drasmuss!