NengoDL with NengoFPGA?

I’m newbie to nengo.
Can I use nengodl on NengoFPGA ?
I want to do like on NengoFPGA.
If impossible, please let me know the reason.


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NengoDL and NengoFPGA are different Simulators (one runs models in TensorFlow, one runs models on an FPGA). So you can’t directly run NengoDL on an FPGA (unless you have your FPGA set up to run TensorFlow). However, you could train a model using NengoDL (on a standard CPU/GPU, not an FPGA), and then transfer that model and re-run it using NengoFPGA. You can see an example of that approach here (in that case we’re transferring from NengoDL to Nengo Loihi, but the principles would be the same). Note however that the kinds of models that can run on NengoFPGA are more restricted (see the Nengo FPGA documentation), so you won’t be able to take an arbitrary NengoDL model and run it on NengoFPGA.