Nengo_loihi waiting on incoming connection from loihi

I am working on a deep learning model with nengo and trying to map it on Intel’s Loihi with nengo_loihi. Unfortunately, I am not able to connect with loihi through nengo. It is always waiting on an incoming connection. I followed the example shown in “”. Example code run on my local system but unfortunately not in Intel’s INRC.

Execution command: python

Waiting message:

Build finished in 0:00:00
Optimization finished in 0:00:00
Construction finished in 0:00:00
INFO:DRV: Waiting for incoming connection to [](
INFO:DRV:Waiting for incoming connection to [](

Could you suggest to me, how to connect to Loihi and map my model.

Hi @nayimrahman!

To run NengoLoihi code on the Intel’s INRC cloud environment, you’ll need to use the SLURM job allocation tool. Doing so is easy, simply specify SLURM=1 with the python command line. As an example, if you do:
to run your code on your local machine, you’d do:
SLURM=1 python
to run the code on the INRC cloud.

For Jupyter notebooks, you can call jupyter with the SLURM=1 environment variable, although I often find it easier to specify the environment variable within the notebook itself (you can do this in regular python code as well, to avoid having to provide SLURM=1 when you run the code on the INRC cloud). To specify the environment variables in python code, simply put this code block somewhere at the top of your python file / jupyter notebook:

import os
os.environ["SLURM"] = "1"
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