Nengo Loihi Probes

Hello, I hope someone can help me the problem I am having, I am trying to dissect and understand how the nengo-loihi API interacts with the Kapoho Bay to close a communication loop for a robot controller. The issue I have is that the probes of nengo loihi are not behaving as expected.

I have a sensor sending position data (X-Y) to two ensembles, and then I am probing the output of those ensembles to check if the position data is transmitting correctly. When I do this, I am able to get the information correctly from one population, but the other one I am getting something else.

This is the plot of the spike data I am getting from both ensembles.

and a snippet of my code:

    def build(self): 
        # build model
        model = nengo.Network(label='Controller', seed=1)
        with model:
            self.input = nengo.Node(self.__call__, size_in=2, size_out=2)
            self.probed = nengo.Ensemble(100, 1, neuron_type=nengo_loihi.LoihiLIF(), radius=100)

            self.intermediateX = nengo.Ensemble(100, 1, neuron_type=nengo_loihi.LoihiLIF(), radius=100)
            self.intermediateY = nengo.Ensemble(100, 1, neuron_type=nengo_loihi.LoihiLIF(), radius=100)

            nengo.Connection(self.input[0], self.intermediateX, synapse=0.001)
            nengo.Connection(self.input[1], self.intermediateY, synapse=0.001)

            self.probeX = nengo.Probe(self.intermediateX, synapse=self.probeSynapse)
            self.probeY = nengo.Probe(self.intermediateY, synapse=self.probeSynapse)
        return model

I am running Nengo Loihi with the Kapoho Bay.

There isn’t much documentation on how to use the probes with Nengo Loihi, so I don’t know where should I start debugging.

Thank you in advance