Nengo GUI Not Starting

I recently started using Nengo for a project at work a couple of weeks ago and have been doing most of my work within the Nengo GUI. All of a sudden, today, the GUI won’t even start.

When I run the “nengo” command in my terminal, I get the standard "Starting nengo server accessible at: " message and the web browser pops up with the correct localhost address and token listed, but nothing ever loads. I let it sit and spin for over an hour to make sure things weren’t just running slow, and still got nothing.

I’m not having any other performance/connection issues, I checked with one of the sysadmins and nothing was changed or updated on my computer over the weekend, and Google searches have yielded nothing of use. If there’s already a similar topic posted here that I missed, please let me know.

Thanks, in advance, to anyone who can help me out!

Hi @jcmickey33, welcome to the forum!

Could you tell me if you get any other messages within the terminal that is running the “nengo” command? Usually if the server isn’t working correctly it will spit out an error message.

Also, could you open up the Javascript console (Ctrl + Shift + j, or Cmd + Shift + j on Mac OS X) and tell me if you get any warnings or error messages there?

Sorry for the delay. Life kinda got in the way of things! There are no messages in the terminal other than the “Starting nengo server accessible at: http://localhost:8080/” message. And then it would open the browser window but nothing would ever load.

I unfortunately cannot give you any information from the Javascript console as I suggested a coworker uninstall and reinstall so they could continue working on things while I was gone. I realize that kind of sabotaged the troubleshooting process and so I apologize for that. If this issue occurs again, though, I’ll be sure to check for any errors/warnings there and come back with more information. Thanks for the response and sorry, again, for the delay on my end!

Life does has a way of doing that, hence my much longer delay in responding!

No worries about not being able to troubleshoot, glad to hear it started working again! Let us know if the issue comes up again.