Nengo GUI 0.3 released

The Nengo GUI team is psyched to announce the release of Nengo GUI 0.3.

Nengo GUI is a relatively new project that is changing rapidly. We would love to get your feedback on this new release to ensure that version 1.0 is useful for everyone!

What is Nengo GUI?

Nengo GUI is a web-based interactive interface where you can build Nengo models, simulate them on different backends, and visualize model behavior.

What’s new?

Nengo GUI is still changing rapidly. The 0.3 release includes several new features:

  • The tutorials from the book “How to Build a Brain” are now included as built-in examples.
  • The synaptic filter on value plots can be adjusted through its right-click menu.
  • The number of neurons shown in a raster plot can be adjusted through its right-click menu.
  • The auto-layout function will now give the same layout every time it is run on the same network.
  • A Help link is now shown in the top-right of the interface.

Nengo GUI 0.3 also includes many under-the-hood changes to make the GUI server more robust. It is compatible with Nengo 2.1.0 and later.

To see the full list of changes in Nengo GUI 0.3, head to the Github release page.

How do I get it?

To get the new version of Nengo GUI, use pip.

pip install --upgrade nengo_gui

Where can I learn more?

Where can I get help?

You’re already there! If you have an issue upgrading or have any other questions, please post them in this forum.

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