ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'nxsdk.graph.nxboard'


I am trying to run a nengo-loihi based program in Loihi, however I am getting this error:

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘nxsdk.graph.nxboard’

Do you have any idea how to solver it?

Thank you

Hi @hrostrog

The latest release of NengoLoihi doesn’t support NxSDK v1.0.0 yet. However, you can patch in NxSDK v1.0.0 support using the instructions from this post:

Great, Thank you

do the same options
but display
error: The path specification ‘nxsdk100’ does not match any known git files

Hi @IM1st,

The nxsdk100 branch has been merged into the master branch of the NengoLoihi repository. As such, to install this version of NengoLoihi in your Python environment, do this:

git clone
cd nengo-loihi
pip install -e .

(Basically, the same as before, but ignoring the “git checkout nxsdk100” command)