Minor Typo in nengo spa user guide intro.html

Minor Typo in page: in www.nengo.ai/nengo-spa/user-guide/spa-intro.html.
Control is largely captured by the basal ganglia aciton selection element
Word action is spelled wrong (aciton). very minor - but just thought of mentioning it.

  1. also another typo in same page
    or instance given the following input [1] [11] [111] [2n [22] [222] [3] [33] ?
    It should be just 2 not 2n

Hi @amar, and welcome to the Nengo forums. :smiley:

Thanks for pointing this out. :slight_smile:
You can make a bug report on the NengoSPA github here! If you don’t have a github account, let me know, and I’ll make a bug report on your behalf.

Thank you for quick response @xchoo.
I have raised the issue here :slight_smile:
Minor Typo in SPA Intro User Guide spa-intro.html · Issue #277 · nengo/nengo-spa (github.com)

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