Loihi v0.4.0 import error


I’ve run into an error when running the v0.4.0 release of Loihi on the Intel Remote machines.
I’ve installed the package using the -e flag. I get the error when running import nengo_loihi:
[1] 18693 illegal hardware instruction (core dumped) SLURM=1 python
and crashes the python kernel.

Are there any suggestions on getting this working?

nengo 2.8.0
nxsdk 0.7
numpy 1.14.3
Cython 0.29.1
python 3.5.2


Hi David, have you run a previous version of Nengo Loihi successfully before? Wondering if it’s an issue with the 0.4.0 release specifically or some other incompatibility. One thing to try is to upgrade to NxSDK 0.7.5; we have been using it successfully lately so you can ignore the warning that Nengo Loihi raises related to the NxSDK version.