Latency measure for NengoLoihi

How can I get the latency measure for NengoLoihi ?
I want to get the latency measures for the network used in this tutorial.


nengo_loihi.Simulator has a timers attribute, and the "run" key has a measurement of the total clock time spent running the actual simulation. e.g. print(sim.timers["run"]), where sim is your nengo_loihi.Simulator object. This time does not include overhead time spent connecting to the chip, building the network, etc., though there may still be small amounts of overhead in there. If you run your simulation for longer (e.g. 10 seconds instead of 1 second), it will make any overhead less significant.

Make sure that you’re running on the chip by setting target="loihi" when you create your simulator. Unfortunately, we currently don’t have any way to estimate latency without an actual Loihi board to run on.

NxSDK also prints out some timing information which might be useful to you. This is typically more useful when you’re running networks that can be “precomputed” (i.e. you can set precompute=True on your simulator). If your network is not “precomputed”, this means that there is communication between Python (running Nengo) and the chip each timestep, and NxSDK will not measure this.