Ideas for the structure of this forum

Thinking about different categories to include in the forum. Here’s a somewhat random list off the top of my head (that seem like we could partly populate)

  • Examples (simple Nengo demos)
  • Tutorials (step by step help to get started)
  • SPA Models
  • Deep Learning
  • Nengo Backends
  • User Models (show off your nengo creation)
  • GUI Discussion

having a category for something like ‘interfacing nengo’ or something where you can talk about getting nengo running with things like VREP or physical hardware (ROS, etc) would be useful too! Probably worth having it’s own category

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I’m wondering if that structure makes it obvious enough where/how to get help? Do we need some ‘help with X’ forums? or ‘general questions’ or something?

Yay forum :heart:! I like the ideas already mentioned, here’s my 5 cents:

  • New to Nengo
    Including stuff like how to install Nengo (I can also imagine this as a separate topic), maybe topics for different platforms and First time using Nengo (what and where to click to open Nengo and get a simple simulation running)

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    What is Nengo, how is it different from other simulators, what is NEF, where can I learn more about that, I find nengo so awesome I want to contribute

  • Feedback and Suggestions
    How do you like everything, can we improve something? How do you like our new release?

  • General Discussion
    More general questions and concerns, I imagine this would be the right
    spot for asking questions similar to the questions in Reddit AMA you guys got a few years ago…

I like all of these categories! Does this list seem to capture everything?

  • Getting started (i.e. New to Nengo, any name preference? I like Getting started)
  • FAQ
  • General discussion (or just uncategorized?)
  • Feedback and suggestions
  • Examples and tutorials
  • Semantic Pointer Architecture
  • Deep Learning
  • Nengo backends (maybe sub-categories for each one?)
  • Check it out (show off your model, or announce a new backend, neuron type, etc)
  • Visualization (GUI discussion, plotting for figures, etc)
  • Integrations (i.e., interfacing with other services like robots and v-rep)

Some other thoughts: maybe FAQ could be a stickied post on General discussion rather than its own category?

That all sounds good to me.

As for making the FAQ a sticky/pinned post, I think it would be best for each question to be it’s own post, to enable discussion about to improve the answer. So I think it should still be a category.

Sounds good, made it a child category of General Discussion. Check out the list of categories and let me know if anything seems off!