How to see the plots

When running a sample script (e.g. this example) on the web-based nengo I get the Warning:
Simulators cannot be manually run inside nengogui (line 145)
The network is working and time is going by normally, but keeps working even after the specified T time (
I cannot see any plots although they have been set up in the script.
How and where can I see them (they are scripted after the


I got the same error as you when I tried to run the code in the nengo_gui.

I believe the code examples were meant to be run in something like Jupyter notebook (hence the “%matplotlib inline” in the first code block, which I assume you deleted to make it run in the gui ) which is why you are getting the “Simulators cannot be manually run inside nengogui”. It should work if you run the code in Jupyter notebook.

This applies to the other examples in which you first run a Simulator then use the probed data to make plots.

Hope this helps.


Yes it helped!
Copy/paste the code of the py file to a python notebook cell, run the cell and the plots are there.
Thx Sharaf!

Hi @bagjohn, sorry about the confusion! As Sharaf pointed out, those examples are designed for a normal Python environment, not the GUI environment. In most cases, examples exist in both places, but it’s not always clear where to find them.

I wrote up this page in an effort to improve the documentation for how to run models in and out of the GUI. If you have any thoughts on ways to improve that page I would really appreciate it so that other people don’t run into the same problem!

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I think it is pretty straightforward now Trevor.
This page must be the first thing someone bumps into when exploring Nengo. Consider placing it on the website as well.

Thanks, we’ll do that! We’re in the process of switching over our website infrastructure, so that page is currently available at We’ll make it more prominent once we’ve switched over, thanks for your patience!!

Hi @tbekolay, I am not able to open files in the attached link. Can you please help? I am new to nengo and it is discouraging that I am not able to build a single neuron.

Can you please guide what approach should I follow while learning nengo


Hi @pujapachchigar,

The official landing page for Nengo has been moved here, and it serves as a central location to find all of the Nengo-related product documentation. The Nengo (core) specific documentation can be found here, and we have a wealth of examples on how to use Nengo here.

If you are using our web-based NengoGUI, documentation for that can be found here, and NengoGUI specific examples can be found in the file open menu under built-in examples.