How to get the weight and encoder values ​​(nengo-fpga)?

I want to get the weight value and encoder value step by step from the pynq board.

But I don’t see what happens in

It seems to work via bitstream Can you get the weight and encoder values?

Thanks for your interest!

To answer your question directly, it is currently not possible to see weights step-by-step using NengoFPGA. If you are curious how weights change in your model, try running it with standard Nengo first. The FPGA implementation should mirror standard Nengo exactly except for some minor rounding differences.

This was an intentional decision as sending an NxD sized matrix of values between the device and host every time step significantly slows down simulation speed. We have considered adding some sort of “debug mode” which will allow the user to monitor weights; however, this mechanism is not implemented as of yet.