"How to Build a Brain", further reading?


I finished my first read of “How to Build a Brain” this evening and am excited to dig into Nengo more deeply. Concurrently, I would like to continue learning more about the cognitive modeling space. Is there any widely-suggested follow-up reading to “How to Build a Brain”? I’m happy to read forums and papers and whatnot as I find them, but figured I would check to see if there’s some body of work that’s considered ‘vital’ reading for the 2013 - 2020 period.

A nice companion book to the “How to Build a Brain” is the " Neural Engineering - Computation, Representation, and Dynamics in Neurobiological Systems" which explains the NEF (Neural Engineering Framework) which Nengo uses.

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There’s also a list of Nengo-specific publications here https://www.nengo.ai/publications/. And then there’s the publication list from the CNRG lab, which is the lab that originally developed Nengo http://compneuro.uwaterloo.ca/publications.html. That’s a more general/academic list, but many of the publications in there are using Nengo.

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Thanks you both for the recommendations; I do appreciate them. I’ll grab the NEF book and dig through the various publications both about and incorporating Nengo.