How interconnected are neurons in ensembles?

If one connects an ensemble back to itself with a decoded connection

e.g. nengo.Connection(ens_A, ens_A) with ens_A having 50 neurons does this mean each neuron only connects to itself and not to any other neurons in the ensemble

if I do this directly:
for i in range (0,50):
nengo.Connections(ens_A.neurons[i], ens_A.neurons[i]) it gives possibly similar results to the decoded connection.

if I connect everything to everything; i.e.
for i in range (0,50):
for j in range (0,50):
nengo.Connection(ens_A.neurons[i], \ ens_A.NEURONS[J])

this message was sent by accident. My intuitions have problems with an ensemble of neurons that have no interconnections (which seems to be the default. What am I missing? Thanks

Hi @HowardC, and welcome back!

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Now, let’s get to answering your questions!

This is a fantastic conceptual question to ask, and the quick answer is no. If you have a recurrent (decoded) connection, every neuron in ens_A connects to every neuron in ens_A, including itself. To see why this is the case, let us consider the more straight-forward 2-ensemble connection. Consider the following Nengo code:

ens_A = nengo.Ensemble(5, 1)
ens_B = nengo.Ensemble(5, 1)
nengo.Connection(ens_A, ens_B)

Conceptually, what this amounts to is something like this (please excuse my crude handdrawn diagrams), where $\vec{d}$ are the decoders for ens_A and $\vec{e}$ are the encoders for ens_B.

Mathematically, the encoders and decoders can be combined to form a fully connected weight matrix, so the diagram below is the mathematical equivalent of the network:

Now, to understand what is happening in the case of a recurrent connection, we can consider a recurrent connection as a rolled up version of a 2-ensemble connection, where the neurons in ens_A and ens_B are the same. The decoded version of a recurrent connection the looks like this:

Converting this into the fully connected weight matrix version yields this (I’ve only drawn the connections for the two neurons, it gets messy if I include all of the connections. I’ve coloured the connections differently to differentiate the source neuron):

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thanks so much. I will read this over carefully.