How can we extract the data from our own created data set for learning in neural network?

Here I am with the new question regarding extraction of data from own created data set. Actually I’ve been trying, creating my own data set by using PyBrain and somehow got to know that my data set can be stored by creating “.pkl” file.

Can you all please help me by providing a sample code for extracting the input from my data set, for any operation.

You can load “.pkl” (pickle) files with the Python pickle module. How you pass that data on to Nengo depends on how exactly that data is stored (pickle files can store almost any sort of Python objects).

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Yeah i know that. Actually i got struck in thinking a way of importing my data set through the header files.

hey it worked… !!! i simply created .pkl file and by importing it in another file, it extracted its data. Thanks :slight_smile: