Getting Output from Nengo Objects

I’m trying to get the output from Nengo objects as a number or array I can use in calculations outside of Nengo. Ideally I would be able to get a data stream from Nengo objects for use elsewhere. For example, how would I be able to print() the output of a thalamus? Or an Ensemble?

Currently, I’m only able to get things like this.
print(thal.output) = ‘<Node “output”>’
print(thal.output.output) = ‘None’

I’d appreciate any help.

Hello again @dmiller,

Have you already worked through the examples and seen the use of the nengo.Probe() object?

Hello again @Seanny123 ,

I have, but I was more wondering if it was possible to get such output from the Nengo GUI in a way that it will continuously update with changes to inputs in the GUI model. To clarify, I’m essentially trying to get the same output that print([product_probe][-10:]) would get, but from the GUI, and constantly updating. Correct me if I’m wrong, but probes won’t return data until the simulation has run, in which case it won’t be current or continuously update; and probes won’t work in the GUI since it doesn’t allow sims to be run manually.

Thanks for your help

I’m not too familiar with nengo but I think you can output data into an ensemble in direct mode to avoid noise. Then you can view the ensemble values in the GUI.

Ah I think I misread the question. I suppose you could create a function based on time t and have it output to a file.

@Rainwater is correct. To get data from a Nengo Object, you can connect from that Nengo Node and then output that data as you desire. For example, you can write to a file or create a custom HTML animation.