General purpose computing with Loihi

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if we could use Loihi to solve nonlinear equations or run classical computations with encoded binary spikes on Loihi. Has anyone tried this sofar? If so could you kindly point me in the right direction?

Thank you for your time.


Welcome Rutwik!

NengoLoihi is the backend that enables running Nengo models on Loihi. So most of the things you can do in neurons in Nengo, you can then run on Loihi. See some cool examples here.

You’ll have to be more specific about what exactly you’re hoping to do, though. By solving nonlinear equations, do you mean root-finding? It would certainly be possible to set up a dynamical system to do that in neurons, though I’m not sure what’s available in terms of examples or papers.

I’m not sure what you mean by “classical computations”. There are many ways in Nengo to set up nonlinear computations and dynamical systems, which you can then port to Loihi. Check out the Nengo examples for ideas of things you can do.