Does nengo loihi support NxSDK 1.0.0?

As title. I have the following stack track when I try to import nengo_loihi through SLURM on the Intel superhost:

import nengo_loihi
File “/homes/kshivvy20/keshav/spiking_reservoir_rl_elastica/nengo_loihi/”, line 15, in
from .simulator import Simulator
File “/homes/kshivvy20/keshav/spiking_reservoir_rl_elastica/nengo_loihi/”, line 16, in
from nengo_loihi.hardware import HAS_NXSDK, HardwareInterface
File “/homes/kshivvy20/keshav/spiking_reservoir_rl_elastica/nengo_loihi/hardware/”, line 1, in
from .interface import HardwareInterface
File “/homes/kshivvy20/keshav/spiking_reservoir_rl_elastica/nengo_loihi/hardware/”, line 18, in
from nengo_loihi.hardware.builder import build_board
File “/homes/kshivvy20/keshav/spiking_reservoir_rl_elastica/nengo_loihi/hardware/”, line 13, in
from nengo_loihi.hardware.nxsdk_shim import (
File “/homes/kshivvy20/keshav/spiking_reservoir_rl_elastica/nengo_loihi/hardware/”, line 130, in
NxsdkBoard = d_import(b"bnhzZGsuZ3JhcGgubnhib2FyZA==", b"TjJCb2FyZA==")
File “/homes/kshivvy20/keshav/spiking_reservoir_rl_elastica/nengo_loihi/”, line 46, in d_import
result = importlib.import_module(deobfuscate(pkg))
File “/usr/lib/python3.8/importlib/”, line 127, in import_module
return _bootstrap._gcd_import(name[level:], package, level)
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘nxsdk.graph.nxboard’

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Welcome again @kshivvy to our community! The most recent stable version of Nengo Loihi doesn’t support NxSDK 1.0.0, rather 0.9.0 . More information here.

We have a branch that supports NxSDK 1.0.0.

I am having the same issue with the nxsdk.graph.nxboard module… Where you able to find the solution?

Please follow the instructions here: