CIFAR-10 convolutional network

Hello everyone, I’m trying to run the CIFAR-10 example of loihi with this spec, but there’s an error in a specific part.
Could you see what’s the problem?

nengo 3.0.0
nengo loihi 0.10.0
nengo_dl 3.3.0
tensorflow 2.3.0
numpy 1.19.1

Hi Ben, and welcome to our forums! :smiley:

Regarding your error, the pop_type attribute on nengo.Connection objects are only available in the latest development version of NengoLoihi. To install the latest version of NengoLoihi:

  1. Clone the NengoLoihi repository:
git clone
  1. In your python environment, pip install the NengoLoihi repository:
pip install -e ./nengo-loihi

Once you have install the development version of NengoLoihi, the CIFAR-10 example should run without issue.