Check if code is running in GUI

Hi, is there any way “smart” way of checking if the current nengo .py script is being run in the GUI or not?
I’ve looked through the GUI source code but don’t see an obvious way to do this.

I’m not sure if there’s a supported way of doing this, but an unsupported way would be to check:

__name__ == 'builtins'

I’m not sure how robust this is, but I tested it out on nengo-gui==0.4.6 and this is True if the current script is being run in the GUI, and False if being run as a python script from the command line.

I’ve also used:

from nengo.simulator import Simulator as NengoSimulator
if nengo.Simulator is not NengoSimulator:
elif __name__ == "__main__":

Here’s yet another way:

if '__page__' in locals():

Here’s the part of the nengo_gui code which initializes locals when executing the code

We set the __file__ variable here, and we also create this other variable __page__ which refers to the object that’s running that page.

It’d still be nicer to have a better way to do that… something like a nengo_gui.is_running_in_ui flag that could be checked… But we don’t have anything like that yet.