Cannot get energy benchmark on Loihi (KapohoBay)


I have been running into a similar to this problem with nengo-loihi.

I set the probes before the with sim block but I still get an errorstack

The relevant part of my code:

simTime = 10
sim = nengo_loihi.Simulator(model,dt=dt,precompute=True)
board = sim.sims["loihi"].nxsdk_board
probe_conf = PerformanceProbeCondition(tStart=1, tEnd=int(simTime / dt) * 10, bufferSize=1024, binSize=1)
e_probe = board.probe(ProbeParameter.ENERGY, PerformanceProbeCondition(tStart=1, tEnd=int(simTime / dt) * 10, bufferSize=1024, binSize=1))
with sim:

I am using nengo-loihi 1.0, nxsdk 0.9.9 python3.5, Ubuntu16

Thanks for the help!

So I figured that energy probes are not supported on KapohoBay, I can delete the post unless you would like to keep it for someone that might run into the same issue.

Hello @manosangelidis, certainly a useful information for me though. May be mark your previous response as solution and it will be highlighted in your question, thus helping others as well.

Hi @manosangelidis,

Yes, the KapohoBay doesn’t support energy probes as yet, but if I recall correctly, Intel did have plans to extend energy probe support to KapohoBay in some future release. You’ll need to ask Intel (on the INRC forums) about the exact details of those plans however.

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