Can this forum have a "Thumbs Up" and a "Thank You" emoticons too?

This was there on the top of my head for long… so while responding to the comments by community members, sometimes I wish to simply do a :+1: to show my agreement or simply thank them. I do see a :heart: emoticon, but that is probably best suited if we really love the answers/efforts put by the commenter.

Was wondering if the site administrators can provide the same? :smile:

Great idea! I see that there is an official plugin for this, so I will add that to this site this evening.

Thank you @tbekolay for considering my request :slight_smile:
Looking forward to the same!

This plugin is now installed. The default “like” is now just a :+1:. To see the other reactions, hover over the :+1:. The list of reactions can be modified, so if anyone has suggestions of other emojis they’d like to see, please suggest them in this thread and I’ll add them.

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This looks awesome! Thank you very much!

Sorry for nagging a bit though… I am finding following emoji missing (or similar) for a quick “Thanks”.

If it’s easy to get it included, it will be great!

Edit: Or if it’s becoming a bit cluttered, then maybe we can replace few unnecessary emojis by a “thank you” emoji?

Adding custom emoji looks to be a bit involved; I have often seen :pray: used as a thank you, would that work?

Sure! I can get used to that. Hopefully others would also stick to this convention. Although I don’t find it in the emoji reaction list. Do you?

If not, I guess :tada: would also work.

Thank you again! :grinning:

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I hadn’t added it to the list of possible emoji, but I have now. I think if people start using it it’ll catch on, but we’ll see!