Biospaun in Nengo in spa

Hello, I just got acquainted with Nengo. I read the article BioSpaun: A large-scale behaving brain model with complex neurons . How can I run the biospan model in Nengo?

I think the original Biospaun model used nengo-detailed-neurons. However, I don’t know if it still works with the current Nengo release. @psipeter did some work extending on this work. Maybe he can give some more up-to-date info.

Thank you very much

Hello! I recently published a paper that looks at biologically detailed neuron models and the Neural Engineering Framework. It doesn’t implement the full Spaun model, but it has many similar components, notably a working memory built from pyramidal neurons and inhibitory interneurons, connected with AMPA, GABA, and NMDA synapses. The article can be found here, and the GitHub repository is here. The model supports varying the level of Dopamine in the network, which affects both the synapse and cell models, but I didn’t investigate DA modulation in the paper. The code works with Nengo 2.8, and all the dependencies are described in the Readme. Let me know if you have any questions, or any issues installing/running the code!