Binding neutral information to emotional contexts

I’m not familiar with nengo but want’s to do my research modeling with that.
My research is about associated memory in binding neutral words with emotional back ground .
In fact,some neutral words with emotional and neutral background shown to the participants and
after some repeats and after a while,ask them if they can remember the words
and compare the number of remembered words bounded with emotional background
with the remembered words bounded with neutral ones.

So could you help me to tell if the modeling can be done since emotional contexts is going to be studied?

Hello smm974 and welcome to the forum,

This type of modelling does seem possible, since binding concepts together (using the Semantic Pointer Architecture) is something Nengo does really easily. To get started with this type of modelling, I would recommend this tutorial paper.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Hi smm974! In addition to Seanny123’s suggestion, you might also want to take a look at Emotions as Semantic Pointers: Constructive Neural Mechanisms and Intention, Emotion, and Action: A Neural Theory Basedon Semantic Pointers. I think this is the kind of modelling that would be appropriate for the problem you’ve described.

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Hello Sean ,
Thanks so much for your help .You put my mind at ease .
I’m studying the tutorial and will let you know if any other question .
Best R.

Hi ikajic ,
Really thanks for proposing good papers . Both has helped me so much.
Thanks again