Best Way to Learn From Scratch?

I am learning from scratch. I bought the 2013 book and I am reading it. Is that the best way to learn? If so, the instructions for downloading Nengo and working through the examples seemed outdated, are there updated instructions?

The book is definitely the best place to learn the theory and ideas underlying Nengo. For the most up-to-date information regarding the software itself, the best place is the online documentation at and For example, you can find installation instructions here.

You can also find updated versions of the tutorials from the “How to build a brain” book inside the nengo gui. If you open up the GUI (by typing nengo in a console window after installing nengo-gui), you will see a folder icon in the top left. Click on that, then “built-in examples” -> “hbb_tutorials”. You will find examples in there corresponding to each of the examples in the book, so you can follow along as you’re reading.

Great thanks. I will see how I did and followup if I have any questions.

Note that the HBB tutorial using SPA in the GUI are also a little bit outdated and should probably be updated to use the new Nengo SPA library. (But for now they still work.)