Best book to start

Hi guys, I’m new here. I would like to learn about neuromorphic networks and explore Nengo. What would be the best book for me to start my studies? I thought about these two:

  • Neural Engineering
  • How to build a brain


Hello and welcome! Definitely go with How to build a brain, it’s much more reader friendly and has a series of Python tutorials that go along with it!

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Thank you

To expand on @travis.dewolf’s post, the “How to Build a Brain” (HTBAB) book is a great starting point if you want to start exploring Nengo, and how to use it to build successively complex neural networks. The examples provided in the HTBAB book are a little outdate (it’s using a slightly older version of Nengo than is currently available), however, the NengoGUI has built-in examples (from the “File” dropdown, go to “built-in examples” then “hbb_tutorials”) using the most recent version of Nengo.

As for the “Neural Engineering” book, it is a detailed explanation of one of the methods used in Nengo to construct the neural networks. In machine learning, it is typical to construct neural networks by training them using a machine learning algorithm. The “Neural Engineering” book explores an alternative approach (the Neural Engineering Framework - NEF) that can be used to construct a neural network with the appropriate weights without the lengthy training process. A quick summary of the NEF can be found here (to give you an idea of what it can do), and the algorithm behind the NEF can be found here (the book goes into much more detail about the math behind the algorithm).

Looking at the dates of the books I was afraid they were outdated, but I am interested in the theory behind the algorithms, I will try to start with HTBAB and use “Neural Engineering” as a reference to consult as I feel the need. Thanks for the links and the comment. Best regards,